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Articles  of  Christian  Interest


One True God

One True God in the Lord Jesus Christ

In God we trust


Worship - 1

Worship - 2

Justice of God

Will of God

Righteousness of God

The Gift of God

The Goodness of God

Guidance of God

The Power of One 

Ark of the Covenant

Shekinah, the glorious presence of God

God's Plan of Salvation for Mankind Revealed from the Foundation of the World

Mystery of Godliness in the Old Testament

God's Sovereignty and Man's Moral Free Agency

Revelation of God's Name

The Names of God and Jesus

Extreme Exclusive Sacred Name Movement

Creation of God

The Heavens Declare the Glory of God

Heaven, Earth and Hell

God’s Blessings at Creation

Creationism against False Knowledge

Evidences of the True Christian Faith

Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God

The Church and the Kingdom of God

God's Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven

Seek First the Kingdom of God

Seek the Righteousnessof God

The Kingdom and the Lord's Return

The Pearl of Great Price

Church of God

 Welcome to our Church in Houston

Brief History and Report of the Houston Church

Testimonies of our Church in Houston

The Church that the Lord Jesus Christ Builds

"On this Rock I will build My Church"

The Glorious Church in the End Time

The Hidden Remnant Apostolic Church

Congregation in the Wilderness

God's House and Place of Rest

Election of God

The Bride of Christ

The Temple of God

The Two Witnesses

Garden of Eden


House Churches in China

True Christians believe Jesus Christ
is the One True God

Is this the "True Church of Jesus Christ"?

Denomination in Christianity

The Lord's Little Flock in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Russian Christian Community in Missouri

TJC in Houston Spiritual Convocation - 2005

Servants of God

True Prophets of God

Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ

Christian Theocracy achieves Unanimous Decisions

The Passing of the Mantle and the Double Portion

In Loving Memory of Deacon Thie-Meng Soen

Commandments of God

The Commandments of God

God's Laws in the Two Covenants

God's Laws verses Man's Laws

Law and Grace

Honor your Father and your Mother

Principles of Christian Marriage

Keep Yourselves from Idols

Christian Living

The Christian and the World

Progressive Life of the Christian

Holiness and Sanctification

Religion or Relationship?


Effective Prayer

Walking with Jesus

God is speaking but are you listening?

Jesus Christ and the Underdog

Godly Mothers in the Holy Bible

Redeeming the Time

The Christian's Spiritual Journey
from "Egypt to Canaan"

Crossing the Jordan


Truthfulness and Lying

Truth, Lies and Something in Between

The Truth about Partiality

The Heart - Your Bottom Line

Kungfu and the Christian

Divine Positive Thinking


Hope, Preparation and Glorification

Dedication and Sanctification

The Truth about Partiality

Rejoice, Pray and Give Thanks

Health and Healing

Divine Healing

Prosper in All Things and be in Health

Good Health through Biblical Nutrition

Jesus Christ, Good Health and Nutrition

Healing through Baptism into the Lord Jesus Christ

Can Gentile Christians eat any meat they want?

Eating Pork can be Hazardous to Your Health

Natural Whole Food for Prevention and Cure of Diseases

A Champion for Survivors of Cancer

Cancer can be Healed by following God's Ten Natural Health Laws

Faith and Positive Outlook are Essential for Healing

A Recuperation Program for Acute Cancer Patients

The Lord Jesus Christ can heal Cancer

Only the Lord Jesus Christ can heal Cancer

YAHWEH RAPHA - The LORD who heals you

What Christians should know about Passive Euthanasia

 Lord Jesus Christ

 His Birth

Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ

Timeline of the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ

The Lord Jesus Christ was not born on 
the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles

The Lord Jesus Christ was possibly born in 
the Spring after the Feast of the Passover

Glory to God in the Highest


His Life and Ministry

The Lord Jesus Christ is the One True God 
Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ for Salvation
The Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible 

The Lord Jesus Christ is the Eternal I AM

Jesus Christ is the Only Foundation
The Name which is above every name

Jesus Christ and the Underdog

Jesus Christ is the same
yesterday, today and forever

The Lord Jesus Christ and the Conquest of Jericho

Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life

Who killed Jesus Christ?

Did Jesus Christ descend into Hell?

The Lord Jesus Christ brought peace between the Jews and the Samaritans


Gospel of Jesus Christ

Know the One True God and Jesus Christ

The ARK symbolizes our Lord Jesus Christ

The Whole Gospel to the Whole World

The Truth that makes us Free

Call on the Nme of the LORD

Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ

Amazing Grace

The Ladder to Heaven

Blood of the Lamb

Look unto Jesus

From a Dark Day to a Bright Night

And I, if I am lifted up from the Earth



Salvation in Jesus Christ

Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ for Salvation

Salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ Alone

The People who were Saved at Jesus Christ's Crucifixion

Assurance of going to Heaven

Complete Sanctification of the Spirit, Soul and Body

The Truth about the Original Sin

Remission of Sins




The Holy Spirit

The Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit

You shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit

Is speaking tongues needed today?

Do all speak with tongues?

Slain in the Spirit

Remember Pentecost

Questions on the Holy Spirit

The Pure Language of God

The Former and the Latter Rains

I am truly Born Again


Baptism into Jesus Christ

Baptism into the Lord Jesus Christ

Baptism in the Likeness of the Lord Jesus Christ's Death with Head Bowed

Baptism and Testimonies of Healing

Baptism and Testimony of an Apostolic Messianic Believer

Testimony of an ex-Muslim who saw the True Light of the Lord Jesus Christ

Household and Infant Baptism

Two Resurrections

The Thief on the Cross

Baptism of Snoop Singh

Holy Communion

Should Wine or Grape Juice be used in the Holy Communion

The New Wine

 Washing of Feet

Washing of Feet - Directory

Having a Part with Jesus

Truth Research - Does Washing of Feet save Christians?

The Practice of Washing of Feet

Sabbath and the Feasts

 The Seventh Day Sabbath that God has Given to Mankind

Sabbath Truths that are easy to understand

Feasts of the LORD

Feast of Tabernacles

Counting to the Day of Pentecost

The Biblical New Year and 2004 A.D.

Prayer for the New Year - 2005 A.D.

Hope, Preparation and Glorification

Why Chinese Christians celebrate the Chinese New Year

Celebration of the Chinese New Year with a Win by Yao Ming for the Houston Rockets


Prebirth and the Afterlife


Where do we come from and where will we go?

What happen to Christians when they die?

God's Cleaning Process on Earth to Prepare Us for Heaven

Heaven is real and you want to go there

Hell is Real and ou don't want to go there!

 Our Family Life

 Our Family in America

Ipoh - the Place where God began to bless our Family

Our Twin Blessings - Faith and Grace

Enjoying the Church Picnic with our Grandchildren

Double Celebration of Birthdays and the Visitation of Relatives

The Lord Jesus Christ helped our family doing traveling for church work

A Man of God

All Things worked out Good for Eugenia

Walking with Jesus - Testimony of China Trip


Return of Jesus Christ

Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ's Second Coming

Important signs indicate our Lord Jesus Christ is Returning Soon

The Secret Rapture - How will the Lord Jesus Christ return in His Second Coming?

The Two Horsemen on White Horses in Revelation

Return of the King of kings and Lord of lords

The End Time

Timeline of the End Time

Ark of the End Time

Living in the End Time

The Christian Preppers Community

God's Chosen Place of Refuge

Preparation for the End Time

God's Three Messages to Mankind in the End Time

Antichrists in the End Time

Is Barack Hussein Obama the Antichrist of the End Time?

Sabbath-keeping in the End Time

From the Tower of Babel to False Religions in the End Time

6 6 6

666 Beast Empire of the End Time

Earthquakes in the End Time

Is Hurricane Katrina the Judgment of God?

Armageddon - The Last War - 1

Armageddon - Euphrates River

The Great Tribulation

The Secret Rapture - Where will you be during the Great Tribulation?

God's Protection of the Elect during the Great Tribulation

Overcome Tribulation through the Lord Jesus Christ

God saved Missionary and Orphans during the Tsunami

Who is the Antichrist-Beast?

Mark of the Beast


Persecution of Christians in China

Bible Prophecy

The Seventieth Week in Daniel

Crucifixion in the Middle of the Week

The Spiritual Millennium in the End Time

Millennial Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ

Biblical Roots of the Chinese People

Blessed be the LORD, the God of Shem

The Descendants of Japheth

The Chinese People are not the Descendants of Ham

Are African-Americans the Descendants of Shem?

Archaeological Research

The Great Flood

The Ark rested on the Mountains of Ararat

Archaeological Evidence proves Man and Dinosaurs existed at the Same Time

Congregation in the Wilderness

The Fortified City of Jericho

The Ten Commandments Inscription in Los Lunas

Archaeological Evidence of Jesus?


God Bless America

Will God Continue to Bless America?

We Hold These Truths . . .

Will God do something about the homosexuality in America?

Reflection on the Re-election of President George W. Bush

Remember 911

I was there - In Remembrance of 9/11/01

911 Heroes - They did not die in vain

A Chinese-American Hero saved by the
Grace of God in the World Trade Center

Remember 911 - A Time to Build

Israel and the Middle East

Biblical Perspective of Israel, Arabs and America

A Christian Viewpoint of the War in Iraq

Understanding the War in Iraq through Bible Prophecy

Amazing Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy in Pictures

Missionary Trips and Vacations

God's Blessings on our Trip to China in 2002-03

Our Incredible Vacation in China 2002-03

Our Caribbean Cruise - 2003

Prayer Requests

Please pray for the healing of my body

Responses to the Prayer Request for the Healing of Paul Wong

Praise Report on the Healing of Paul Wong

Witnesses and Testimonies

Testimonies that glorify our Lord Jesus Christ

God's Protection of His People

Guidance of God

God's Revelation through Dreams

Deliverance from Evil

Christian Testimonies from the Sports World

Jesus Christ and the Underdog

Ministries and Missions

Ministries of ARK International

Gallery of Photographs - ARK Ministry/Home/Office in Houston, Texas, U.S.A.